Crazy Monster Minions - A Chain Reaction Popper Game!
Minions - Lost in a Candy Factory!
A Dog Run Adventure! New Release!
SuperHero Action JetPack Man - Game 3 of SuperHero Trilogy!
SuperHero Action Jump Man - Game 2 of SuperHero Trilogy!
SuperHero Action Man - Game 1 of SuperHeroTrilogy!
Airplanes Race - Now with Kids Mode!
Monster Escape!
Road Warrior! Mad Max Lives!
Monster Slots!
Dragon Run - A Race to the Magic Castle
Top 50 Racing Game! Great OZ Race - A Run to the Emerald City
Updated! Extreme 3D Indy Car Race!
Build a Ladder to the Moon for Teddy Bear & Cow Bunny!
Ninja Golf Fairway Madness - Now Universal!
NEW!!! StickMan Jump
Tap Ladder Insanity to the Moon
Updated! New Music! Next Peer Multiplayer! Spaghetti Mountain Race!
Secret Agent Dash - Now Universal & Larger Agents!
Ninja Clash! Now Universal & Larger Ninjas!
Honey Bee's Great Escape - Updated!
Cool Dog - Updated!