A Minion – Lost in a Candy Factory!

Minions, minions - everywhere I look I see minions!

Minion, Minion, Minion! Who doesn’t love these little creatures!! Our minion is stuck in a candy factory and needs your help to get out but what it really wants is CANDY!! But to get to the candy it must keep jumping up to get it which tires it out! So to refuel its energy you must time your landings so that you can land on one of the many different size platforms – and – when you land – your energy will be refueled. BUT!!! Don’t stay on the platforms too long or it will simple go away and your minion will fall – ending the game!

Keep an eye out for interesting objects as you make your jumps to the candy – there are magnets, jetpacks, lollipops – all to make your journey fun!

If you can’t collect all the fun things – you can certainly use your candy nuggets to buy what you need and if you don’t have enough candy nuggets – well then you can also use real money to get the items you need and to customize your minion!