Honey Bee’s Great Escape – Updated!

Keep Honey Bee in the Hive! Strategy game!

The newest version now has an instruction screen! So it should be easier now to keep the Honey Bee in its hive!

Honey Bee’s Escape came about after I got swarmed by killer bees while out for a run. This was a completely unprovoked attack and thank goodness I am not allergic to bees – however, because there was so much venom from the bites (over 50 bites on face, head, ears, arms) that I was taken to the ER. Everything turned out fine for me – but not for that last bee that was still stuck inside my ear channel – true story!

So not to upset the Killer Bees, this game is about the Honey Bee that is trying to escape his hive and not do any work. He would rather fly around and see the world – so your job is to keep him in his hive! So you must block his every move and not allow him to escape!

This is a very challenging game as the levels get harder and harder! Because Honey Bees are so important to our ecology – please try not to kill them – they won’t bite unless provoked – unlike the Killer Bee that bites not matter how nice you are to them!