Tap Cat & Dog – Match Game

Match Cats & Dogs!

Hey CAT & DOG LOVERS! This game is for you! Have fun with this fast action puzzle game that you just won’t want to put down – unless you need to walk your real dog, of course, or feed your real cat!

See how many cats & dogs you can rescue by tapping on two or more IDENTICAL cats or dogs that are either next to each other or above or below each other. When you do that the dogs and cats will pop off the screen and throw HEARTS out at you for a job well done!

Each level has a set number of dogs or cats (points) that you need to rescue in order to get to the next exciting level. This is a fast action game but you will need to think carefully to get the right strategy going so you can rescue as many cats & dogs as possible. The ultimate goal is to clear the screen completely!

** Cute dog & cat graphics

** Unlimited levels

** Game Center to see if you are TOP CAT or TOP DOG!