Cool Dog – Updated!

Help Raise $ For Animal Cancer Research! All proceeds from the In App Purchases go to Cancer Research and local Shiba Inu Rescue facility!

Cool Dog is our first game and also our most downloaded game! Thank you! Cool Dog is a homage to our real dog – Darby – a beautiful cream colored Shiba Inu. She was dx with lymphoma shortly after her 11th birthday and with the help of a wonderful vet – (thank you Colleen!) and in combo with natural and holistic approaches Darby survived 22 months living a full, hi quality life filled with adventure, fun, rabbits, lizards and love…

Through this game we have been able to donate the money made from the In-App-Purchases to Animal Cancer Research and to our local Shiba Inu Rescue facility. Please consider downloading this game and helping us raise money to fight cancer  –  not just in dogs but in all animals. 1 in 4 dogs will get cancer – we need to change that to 0 in all dogs!!