GangMan - Gangnam Style!


The Plot!

Gangnam Style has made it into the city! The goal is to have your Psy character (now classically dressed in a white tuxedo!) dance across the bridge and get to the other side. But you must knock off Psy’s rivals (in red trenchcoats) that threaten to take over his city. Use your missiles to hit and prevent the non-gangnam style rivals from getting to the other side of the bridge. But don’t hit the well dressed dancing Psy characters or you will lose a life! But if you hit 5 of the rivals-in a row-you will gain a life! But there is more! The guys with the blue hat trying to imitate Psy need 2 missiles to hit them before they will be knocked off the bridge!

Only you can save the city – Gangnam Style!

– Fast action packed game that speeds up the longer you play!

– Game Center to see how you stack up with your friends – Gangnam Style!

– Great music & sound effects!