Road Warrior 2 – Mad Max Begins Again!

Car Crushing Saga!

!!!! Battle for the Road BEGINS AGAIN with Road Warrior Car Crush Racing Saga !!!!

NOW choose from 5 NEW Super POWERFUL Cars and get some color on your road of car crushing destruction!

Sometime in the future the road will belong only to the fastest and deadliest cars & trucks as each tries to rule the road. Your only hope of survival is total destruction to all other vehicles in your way!

Similar in style to the Mad Max Movie series where gas was a premium – so it is too in this high speed game! Watch your gas gauge & collect the red gas cans as you lay down the machine gun fire to clear the road!

You have UNLIMITED fire power – but LIMITED gas and crashing into the other vehicles will greatly reduce the amount of gas in your car. So don’t crash – just blast!

– 3D impressively real graphics

– Awesome music & real sound effects

– Endless game play

– Simple game mechanics

– Game Center Leaderboard – who is the Extreme Road Warrior? You or your enemies?