SuperHero Action Jump Man – Game 2 of SuperHero Trilogy!

What happened to the Planets?

Part 2 of the 3 part Super Hero Trilogy of games! In this game you must still collect the golden nuggets but to keep your energy levels up you must time your landing on the Square Planets (yes, you read SQUARE planets!) The evil powers have changed the planets to being square not round! So as your energy levels drop – you must land on the planet to recharge yourself – but if you stay there too long – the planet will disintegrate beneath you! Watch out for magnets that will cause the nuggets to be attracted to you and jetpacks along the way to power you through the universe!!

There are tons of options in this game! You can customize your Super Hero with helmets &  jetpacks. There are plenty of Power Ups and Upgrades to make this game a favorite! And of course, Game Center to prove that you are the Super(ist) of Heros with your friends!